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Herbal Pulverizer
Herbal pulverizer is composed of feed hopper, pulverizing blade, gear, pulverizing motor, discharge port, fan blade, material chute, dust collection bin, etc.
Pulverizer Machine For Herbs
With our extensive domain expertise, we offer a premium range of pulverizer machine for herbs. A pulverizer is an extremely versatile piece of equipment used in many different industries to efficiently and accurately grind large quantities of material.
Herbal Pulverizer Machine
The main machine, auxiliary machine, and electric control box make up the herbal pulverizer machine. In addition to having no sieve or net and having an even granularity of the processed material, Lt has the qualities of wind selection.
Herb Coarse Crusher
Main application: Herb coarse crusher, as a supporting equipment, has a good crushing effect on any material before fine crushing in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, and is not limited by viscosity, hardness, softness, fiber, etc.
Herb Grinding Machine
Our tabletop processing equipment for grinding herbs is intended for use in small businesses. For grinding herbs and other herbal products like leaves, bark, stems, etc., it is the perfect tool.
Industrial Herb Grinder
The industrial herb grinder, sometimes referred to as the pulverizer, is the perfect grinding apparatus especially made to handle sticky and heat-sensitive materials.
Leaf Grinding Machine
Our organization sets the benchmark in delivering Leaf grinding machines to our customers.
Tea Grinder
The material enters the crushing chamber through the hopper, and is crushed by the simultaneous cutting of the fixed knife and the moving knife and the rotating impact of the rotating knife
Tea Grinding Machine
The tea grinding machine is made of stainless steel and conforms to the GMP standard.
Dry Leaf Grinder
This dry leaf grinder machine, which consists of a main frame, an auxiliary machine, and an electrical control cabinet, is widely used for material crushing in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, among others. It has the features of winnowing, screen- or mesh-free operation, uniform size, and continuous operation.
Moringa Leaf Grinding Machine
Moringa leaf grinding machine is a multi-purpose spice grinder that automatically grinds various leaves and spices into fine powders such as chili powder, turmeric powder, neem powder, vanilla powder, etc.